The Victory of Hell
The Mages win

During the siege of Hell, the gates fall and all inhabitants retreat to the inner city that surrounds the keep. On their way there, the party becomes separated and nearly destroyed as the city crumbles around them. Conlusio finds the other members and a mysterious man saves them from certain defeat.

After taking them to his refuge in the Outlands, Seriastraz reveals his true nature as a great wyrm red dragon, and ancestor of Borganth. He gives them knowledge and allows them to drink from the Font of Power, a mysterious artifact.

With new-found power, the trio go back to Hell to help save the day being the driving force behind the offensive. Krendin, the leader of the Third Brigade of Hell commends them for their efforts in the battle and allows them to return with the first group back to Gaiana Tower.

Back at the Mage Tower, they meet their old masters and begin their training to complete the Mage Test.


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